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2019 Murder Mystery

 It’s the 2019 United Way Murder Mystery. Author Ami Peltier has again outdone herself with this case. 
The Surprise of Your Death! is a groovy 1970’s birthday party, and like, you’re totally invited, for sure!
This awesome surprise party happens at Cadillac’s hottest new spot, Memories Nightclub.
The theme is the 1970’s. That’s back when the Beatles said “Good Bye Yellow Brick Road”
and so did Richard Nixon.  It was when our boys came home from Vietnam as Skylab left home.
Micro Soft, Apple Computers, and The Muppets were born and Elvis died. 

 So dig out your miniskirts, platform shoes, bright colors, wide lapels, fitted blazers,
 glitter and satin, bell bottoms and paisley shirts No gifts please.

Tickets are $75 per person; to reserve your spot, and print your ticket, click here.