Why do people give to the United Way?

  • Some like the oversight United Way provides over partner agencies...making sure the finances are being handled properly.
  • Others like that someone else is checking to be sure the community's most critical problems are being targeted, not just band-aid solutions.
  • Still others appreciate the convenience of payroll deduction.
  • Some like that their donation can be directed to nearly any charity, anywhere they wish.
  • Everyone appreciates that they are helping those in need.

Why do employers like the United Way?

  • The United Way makes it easy for employers to help employees give back to their community.  Many employers consider partnering with United Way as good corporate citizenship.
  • Since the United Way will direct employee donations to nearly any charitable organization, employers may choose to limit outside fundraising efforts.
  • Even the simplest payroll software accomodates payroll deduction.  The employer simply sends one check to United Way on a monthly or quarterly basis.  The United way does the work of keeping track of where the employee donations are directed. 

Why do charities like the United Way?

  • Charities understand that United Way's trusted partnership with employers and their ability to utilize payroll deduction, is a powerful team that often results in larger donations directed to the charity.
  • Charities often suggest to their employees, their board members, and their supporters to take advantage of Donor Directed contributions and payroll deductions so that part, or all, of their donation benefits their organization.
  • Being a partner agency with United Way signals to the charity's donor that both the charity and the finances have been carefully reviewed by a third party.

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