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Community Response Grants

Community Response Grants

Grants from the United Way of Wexford-Missaukee are available to agencies on a one-time basis only with no commitment to continuing support. Funds are intended to meet critical community needs and at least one of the following:
(a) Short-term support for start-up or development for new agencies or programs.
(b) Stabilization of programs or agencies.
(c) Unanticipated, non-recurring service contingencies of a critical nature and/or for situations beyond the agency’s control.
All organizations requesting grants should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be incorporated, not-for-profit and IRS tax exempt, or sponsored by such an organization.
  2. Offer human service programs.
  3. Provide community service based on documented needs.
  4. Be non-discriminatory. Discrimination by race, creed, color, age, sex or religion is be prohibited.
  5. Have an active, rotating, volunteer leadership that represents the diverse elements of the community.
  6. Have sound financial and program management.
  7. Agree to support and cooperate with the United Way.
  8. Agree to provide timely financial and program information.
  9. Agree to cooperate with and assist the United Way in its public information programs.
  10. Agree to use United Way funds for annual operating expenses excluding capital expenditures.

Community Response Grant Application Procedures (click here for application form)
 A Complete Application includes the following:

  1.      Application Cover Sheet
  2.      Project Budget
  3.      Proposal:  a proposal must contain the following information clearly identified:
  •    Brief history and explanation of mission of organization.
  •    Project description.
  •    The human service need in the community being addressed.
  •    Geographic area that will benefit from the project.
  •    Specific target population and estimate of the number of people affected.
  •    Expected outcomes of this project.
  •    Evaluation procedure description (the method for measuring expected outcomes.)
  •    Future funding sources for the project.
  •    Implementation schedule for the project (specific dates).
  •    Plan for acknowledging United Way as a funding source.
  •    Commitment of agency support for United Way Campaign
  •    Verification of 501(c)(3) or Governmental Status
  •     Current Michigan License to Solicit