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  Pledge to United Way using your bankcard or bank account.  Boy, that was easy!

For over 75 years employees have been able to help others through the convenience of Payroll Deduction.  Using this tool they have been able to make budget-friendly donations from each paycheck to make a big impact right here at home.  Today, the banking world has a new option for donors offering additional flexibility.  Now donors can choose from among their own bank accounts (credit card, debit card, checking or savings).  When making recurring gifts, they can even pick the date for the ultimate flexibility.  Today, the donor has even control than ever!

The choices regarding where to invest their donation at United Way is varied, as well.  The most popular option is still the Community Fund.  This keeps the gift local and helps thousands across Missaukee and Wexford County.  Donors can also Designate their donation to any qualified Human Service organization … anywhere!  These Designated Donations are the only donations that go outside our two counties.  Donors can also chose funding areas: Youth & Education, Basic Human Needs, Senior Independence, or Healthcare.

So let’s get started

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INTERVAL What’s this mean?  Most people are paid every two weeks.  If this is you, enter “14.”  As in, “I’m paid every 14 days.” 

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The rest is pretty self-explanatory. We hope you found this easy and convenient.  We’re happy to answer any questions, and would appreciate your feedback.  Was anything confusing?  Please help us improve this new tool

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