Three Ways to Funds

Your United Way is about Helping YOU Help Others

United Way of Wexford Missaukee Counties is the fundraising champion for human service organizations.  We partner with the community to raise money so charities can focus on what they do best… helping people.  

These funds are available to most any human service organization.  As long as the group is tax exempt and has a non-discrimination policy, United Way would like to help them improve the lives of those less fortunate.

There are three ways United Way can help fund a human service organization:

1.    Annual Allocation Application:  This process begins with filling out the relatively simple, six page Annual Grant Application.  Each year the updated Annual Grant Application is available here on December 1st.  If you are new to the process and wish to see the application from last year, click on the Annual Grant Application link.

Please note that with the Annual Grant process, our United Way provides funding for specific programs; financial resources are not allocated for general operations.

The Annual Grant Application is due at the United Way office on January 31 2020

On Friday, March 20, 2020 applicants meet with our local United Way Citizens Review Panel to discuss their grant application.

Organizations are notified of their funding status by April 1st.

Grants are paid in equal, quarterly installments, with the first payment received in April; second payment, July; third payment, October; last payment, January.

2.    Community Response Grant is another avenue to receive funding from United Way.  There are two ways to take advantage of Community Response Grants:

a.    Start-up capital to create a program that address’s a new or emerging issue.
b.    Emergency funds to help with an unanticipated problem.

This is a very simple process that is reviewed by the United Way Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

3.    Donor Designated Funds puts the charity and the donor squarely in the driver’s seat.  During the United Way Fall Campaign the human service organization may encourage their supporters to designate their donation directly to that charity.  As with any funds that flow through United Way, the only restrictions are that the human service organization must be tax-exempt and have a non-discrimination policy.  This is particularly appealing to the donor who in the past, may have only been able to afford to contribute $20 a year.  With United Way’s partnership with employers using payroll deduction, that $20 donor might now elect to designate $1 per week… more than doubling their previous annual gift. Today, these Donor Designated Funds flow unrestricted to over 30 organizations.